4 Things To Consider Before Writing Your Clickbait Listicle

  Generally, this is where the writer inserts a preamble that sneakily tries to hide the fact that this article is more style than substance. Here, have a GIF! 1. Is this list contributing in some way? The blogosphere is so saturated with thinkpieces and lists of forgotten 90s toys that a quick Google search … More 4 Things To Consider Before Writing Your Clickbait Listicle


  I hate shoveling snow. I imagine shoveling dirt is worse. If Camp Green Lake from Louis Sachar’s beloved novel Holes were a real place and I had to go there, I would not have lasted a day. Shoveling blows. Honestly, so does snow at this point. I’m over it! But today, I took up … More Epiphany.


  Morbid as this is, I have spent more time than I’m willing to admit wondering when we would lose our first brother. I was hoping it would be years and years later when we’ve had amazing careers and experiences and it would obviously be one of our older brothers from the first five years … More Death.


  So, I’m not the smartest bulb in the box, or however the saying goes. But it frustrates me when I feel like I have something to contribute to something simple, like a group exercise, and no one listens. Today in lighting, for example. I thought we could use the umbrella diffusion as part of … More Frustration.


  What I love the most about film that I never thought I would love the most about anything is that it’s a collaborative effort. Everybody on one project has the same vision, but is slightly or vastly different from the next person, from the writer to the producer to the director to the DP … More Solitude.


  Speaking of people willing to help me out, lemme tell ya ’bout my brothers: the lovely children of Lambda Kappa Tau. We’re five years old this year! Which is approximately 900 years younger than any other fraternity! But it doesn’t matter because we’re not technically Greek! Another exclamatory sentence fragment! This group changed my … More Brotherhood.


  We’ll start here because it’s still happening. I’m an electronic film and media major and it scares the bejesus out of me. I know NOTHING. NOTHING. NOOOOOOTHIIIIINNGGGGG. I am immersed in this sea of knowledge, experience and expertise and I’m drowning in ineptitude. There’s just so much stuff to know and remember. It simply … More Fear.