My name is Amanda Kathryn Storey and I was taught to not share information with strangers on the Internet. Oops!

I was born in 1991, which makes me a true-blue filthy millennial. As such, I enjoy things like Internet memes, debt, avocado toast*, a BS degree (that’s for Bachelor of Science, thank you!), and a fascinating new job at an IT company!

I grew up in a small town in Carroll County, Maryland and currently reside in Baltimore with my truly wonderful boyfriend named Sean and my truly idiotic cat named Special Agent Burt Macklin. I’m an only child, which only adds to my awful entitlement as a young person trying to be alive and contribute to society in a place where people refuse to acknowledge that the cost of living has risen dramatically while salaries have not.

What am I like? Warm. Pleasant. Shy. Funny. Ambiverted. Fat. Indoorsy. It’s always hard to talk about myself because I never know what people want to know. I’m also not nearly as introspective as I think I am, which is why I’ve had multiple diaries and blogs since 2001.

I don’t make any sense most of the time. There you go. There’s something about me.

I’m also a white queer nonreligious-ish** cis-woman who does her best to recognize her privilege and dismantle the systemic institutions that continue to marginalize and disenfranchise minorities. I also recognize that I often fall short of this goal and that I do not deserve a medal for trying.

What do I like? Movies and television are absolutely top. I got my BS degree in Electronic Media and Film with a concentration on production and my boyfriend and I spend most of our waking hours outside of work watching as many movies and televisions shows as humanly possible. My favorite movie of all time is Spirited Away and my favorite television show is probably Law & Order SVU because I am utter trash and have seen every episode multiple times. Well, not the latest season, obviously. I’ve only seen those episodes once. It’s honestly better to ask me what show in its current season is my favorite, which is Better Call Saul and Silicon Valley at the time of this writing (5/16/17). See? I can’t even pick one show.

Great. What else do I like? I’m a born-and-bred musician, so music is also up there. However, I don’t keep up with new music nearly as much as I do new movies. I’ve never listed to a Kendrick Lamar album in my life. I mostly just continue to curate the bands and artists I do like, with occasional new discoveries (HAIM is what’s up at the moment, and I am also newly obsessed with Halsey). I also play guitar and piano well enough to be fun at parties and play church services, but have also dabbled in the ukulele, banjo, harmonica, handbells, violin, and flute. My very best instrument is my voice and the one thing I am unabashedly proud of is my singing ability.

Oh my god, are you going to write paragraphs about everything else you like?? How about just a bulleted list? 


  • Pokémon (first gen only)
  • reading
  • writing
  • cooking
  • Internet memes
  • cats
  • Chipotle
  • social justice
  • archery
  • other stuff I’m probably forgetting because it isn’t important enough for anyone else to know about

Does anyone want to hear about my job? No? Too bad.

Recently, I changed careers and now work for an IT company doing on-site support for clients. It’s going pretty well. Previously, I worked at a tech start-up called Storyblocks and you can read stuff I’ve written for them here, here, and here (the byline says Caroline Mercurio, which is not a nom de plume but my lovely former co-worker who uploaded the post). There are others, but also who cares.

Something else worth knowing about me: I have trichotillomania, a compulsive disorder that involves hair-pulling. I’ve had it since the fifth grade, it sucks, and not a ton of people know or understand what it is. I know I sure didn’t until a few years ago. Maybe one day it’ll be well-known enough where we can a.) figure out a cure and b.) it’ll stop producing the squiggly red line whenever I type it out. In the meantime, I wear wigs the majority of the time when I’m out and about or a head kerchief at home. I also use a fidget cube to keep my hands busy.

I guess that’s it! Further bulletins as events warrant.

* – I have never actually had avocado toast. I have had avocados and I have had toast, but always separately.

** – Raised Lutheran, currently atheist, still do church-y things. Blog post on my religious struggle imminent.