My name is Amanda Kathryn Storey and I was taught to not share information with strangers on the Internet. Oops!

I was born in 1991, which makes me a true-blue filthy millennial. As such, I enjoy things like Internet memes, debt, avocado toast*, a BS degree (that’s for Bachelor of Science, thank you!), and a fascinating new job at an IT company!

I grew up in a small town in Carroll County, Maryland and currently reside in Baltimore with my truly wonderful fiancé named Sean and my truly adorable but idiotic cats named Special Agent Burt Macklin and Special Agent Dale Cooper (or Coopurr, if that’s more your jam). I’m an only child, which only adds to my awful entitlement as a young person trying to be alive and contribute to society in a place where people refuse to acknowledge that the cost of living has risen dramatically while salaries have not.

What am I like? Warm (personality). Pleasant. Funny. Introverted. Fat. Indoorsy. Warm (physically). It’s always hard to talk about myself because I never know what people want to know.

I’m also white, queer, religious-ish**, and non-binary (they/them pronouns are preferred, but she/her is also fine for the time being). While I do belong to some marginalized groups, my whiteness means that I must do what I can to dismantle the systemic institutions that continue to marginalize and disenfranchise minorities. I also recognize that I often fall short of this goal and that I do not deserve a medal for trying.

In early 2022, at age 30, I was diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and depression. It’s been a real struggle trying to get these diagnoses, despite knowing that I had symptoms for years. Now I am figuring out my medication regiment and life is so much better. I do mourn the years I lost, the multiple failed classes due to horrible executive function, and the other things that I just thought were the result of me being a lazy POS, but I’m determined to focus on the good things ahead.

What do I like? Movies and television are absolutely top. I got my BS degree in Electronic Media and Film with a concentration on production and my fiancé and I spend most of our waking hours outside of work watching as many movies and televisions shows as humanly possible. There is no point in asking me my favorite movie or TV show because it changes constantly.

Great. What else do I like? I’m a born-and-bred musician, so music is also up there, but I am truly abysmal at keeping up with new music, even by artists I know and like. I also play guitar and piano well enough to be fun at parties, but have also dabbled in the ukulele, banjo, harmonica, handbells, violin, and flute. My very best instrument is my voice and the one thing I am unabashedly proud of is my singing ability.

Oh my god, are you going to write paragraphs about everything else you like?? How about just a bulleted list? 


  • Pokémon (first gen only)
  • reading
  • writing
  • cooking
  • memes
  • cats
  • Chipotle
  • social justice
  • archery
  • other stuff I’m probably forgetting because it isn’t important enough for anyone else to know about

Does anyone want to hear about my job? No? Too bad.

After years of retail, fast food, customer service, film gigs, and even an all-too-brief stint as a church musician, I settled on IT as my preferred career trajectory. It’s going pretty well. Previously, I worked at an MSP as well as a tech start-up answering tickets and occasionally writing blog posts. I used to have links to those posts, but I think they might be gone now, alas.

Currently, I work at a non-profit that trains education majors getting their Masters for preparedness in working in schools and classrooms in urban areas. I love doing in-house IT and I love working at a place that deals in education, a sector I’m still passionate about, even though I never became a teacher myself.

I guess that’s it! Further bulletins as events warrant.

Oh, and of course, the cat tax:

Two orange and white cats laying on a futon.
Burt Macklin (top, sleeping) and Dale Cooper (bottom, judging)

* – I have never actually had avocado toast. I have had avocados and I have had toast, but always separately.

** – Raised Lutheran, currently ?????, still doing church-y things. Blog post on my religious struggle imminent.