Finally saw In Bruges (2008) for the first time tonight followed by The Grudge 3 (2009).

I would have been better served just watching In Bruges twice in a row. Holy balls what a terrible movie. I’m actually really mad that I sat through the whole thing.

There are bad horror movies that are still fun to watch and then bad horror movies that are just a waste of time. The Grudge 3 is the latter. Longest 91 minutes of my life and I’ll never get it back. It is a poor excuse for a Grudge sequel and a blight on the horror genre entirely.

In Bruges, on the other hand? Fantastic. Some of the best dialogue I’ve heard in awhile and the production design is flawless. I think a few small scenes fell flat, though. I’ll have to watch it again. Also, after seeing Saving Mr. Banks today as well, I have a new-found appreciation for Colin Farrell. That man is delicious.

Speaking of Saving Mr. Banks: beautiful movie with stellar performances all around, but overly sentimental (seriously, so many fucking nostalgia feelings) and relentless in its Disney bias (what did I expect? Look at the distributor). Still a wonderful film; Emma Thompson is a national treasure.

In Bruges and The Grudge 3 are both available for streaming on Netflix US and Saving Mr. Banks is still playing in theatres.

Final Verdicts:

In Bruges: A-
The Grudge 3: F
Saving Mr. Banks: B+

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